Saturday, January 21, 2012

Back in the saddle!

I'm back!!! If you didn't read this in your best Steven Tyler squeal, go back and reread it! Ok it's a new year and I'm a new blogger. I solemnly swear  this blog is going to be an extension of my personality. Kind of a meet the maker deal. I think that I am incredibly funny, and I would like to share that more with you. I can't be all business and no fun! I also over use exclamations and smiley faces. If you know me, you truly know I exclaim things. I use the smiley face because I tend to be sarcastic and let the smiley fact tell people I am in fact jk'ing them. Ok, now back to the nature at hand (another random song quote btw) It's a new year for Smoochie Couture. I am somehow going to try and manage having a toddler, a newborn and run a business. This means the sewing part will be slow for a while. I will probably only offer premade items and do a select few customs. This does 2 things, allows me not to be behind, or be stressed if something happens with the kids, and lets me be more creative. I get to make the items I want to make. Which means the quality will be better and there will be lots of one of a kind pieces. 

And speaking of kids. In case you missed it, we welcomed a new addition to our family on the 28th of December. She is perfect in every way. And I'm not just biased. I swear! However she is quite the party animal! She likes to stay up till 2 in the morning. I try to tell her she isn't Snoop Dogg, some of us need to sleep. She isn't having any of it! So this you know, cuts into mama's working time. I'll share a picture of this ball of adorable. Please don't faint from the cuteness.
Ok as soon as you have recovered from all that adorable. We will be doing another giveaway next week. WHAT! Another giveaway you say? I know, I know. I giveaway stuff all the time. I digress its because I like to give it away, give it away, give it away now.. Ok I'll stop, I just like giveaways. I like to enter to win also. I don't know, who doesn't like it? It's just fun. This time though I am giving away CASH MONEY! Yes you read that right, cash money like dolla dolla bill! See now you are getting excited. Well then. Stay tuned and I will post the details next week. Oh and one last thing, we are undergoing a mild revamping of our logo and packaging. I am soooo excited to share it with you when I am done, because the other thing I love as much as giveaways is packaging! And writing this reminds me how lucky I am to get to do what I love. And it's all because of you guys!!! Guess that's really why I love giveaways and packaging. I consider kind of my gift to you.. You know, that you paid for and all! :) 


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