Monday, October 10, 2011

Halloween Giveaway!

So I really get so excited this time of year. Its month after month of amazing Holidays that I look forward too all year around. I kind of think in its own way Halloween pregames us for Thanksgiving and Christmas. How you ask, well it prepares us for having kids going into sugar induced melt downs! Ok, I kid! Halloween is all about the giving (and secretly eating the good candy, because kids will eat anything, right?) so to go right ahead with the giving spirit that's coming in the next few months and to celebrate getting over 200 fans, I'm giving away a Halloween Tie for the guys and a Halloween Hair Flair for the gals. So yes in fact there will be 2 winners! Now, how to win!

1. This is the absolute must, you have to go and Like Smoochie Couture on Facebook. To make it even easier on you here is the link Smoochie Couture This will count as 1 entry.
2. Now to get 2 entries, write on my wall! Just tell me what your favorite Halloween/Fall treat is.
3. To get 3 entries hope on over to Amy Cloud Photography and like her page. Write on her wall and tell her Smoochie Couture  sent you. 
4. Last but not least, time for the big guns, if you share this on your wall with your friends and family you will get 5 entries! That means if you just do steps 1-4 you have entered to win 10 times. Now those are great odds! But once you are done with the steps, you need to come back and comment on this blog and let me know what you did that way I can keep track of how many entries you have and also to double check and make sure you aren't trying to "Trick" me. So get busy! This contest ends Wednesday night at midnight mst.

 The Hair flair for girls!
 The Spooky Tie for Guys!


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

So it's Sunday already! This week we have gone through rain, lightening and snow. Mother nature just wanted to test to see if we were still paying attention. Today seems nice enough, so I'm going to take this opportunity to decorate for Halloween. Its one of my favorite holidays and its depressing I had to wait this long to decorate! My lovely husband brought my decorations up for me, not without some remarks like "excessive", "this is why I hate you decorating" etc. etc. If there is a man alive that doesn't complain about his wife's decorations, then well... I doubt he has a wife!!! I bought some cheese cloth to drape eerily around the house, and outside on my grape vines, I'm hoping it turns out very "Martha" and that my recording of the "Martha Stewart Show" does indeed turn out to be a good thing!! But since it has been so long since I wrote I have to show some new pictures that my work was featured in. There is nothing I love better then seeing my work turned into art, because when they are used in beautiful pictures I feel like that's what they have become! Oh and one quick announcement, Smoochie Couture is going to be busting out the winter coats. And I don't mean we are cold,  I mean we are excited to offer some jackets! For boys and girls! So keep your eyes peeled, these will be available before the end of the month!